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The Kolker Family Lodge Home encompasses the true heart of the Northwest in texture, look, lifestyle and graciousness. Real wood fills this home with rugged knotty alder floors, windows, trim and cabinets. Just outside of Woodinville, running along the Echo Falls Golf Course, this lodge home looks as much at home in the landscape as do the massive trees surrounding the property.

The open great room, dining room and kitchen are graced overhead with massive wood beams and the high surrounding wood windows pour light in from above, reminiscent of an awe inspiring walk through old growth, ancient forest. The casual openness of the joint rooms defines and captures the easy grace that epitomizes the people that choose live in this far western land. Rigid formality and putting on false airs are simply not possible in a setting filled with such warmth.

A Mount Rainier like vista is the center piece of this great room with a real rock, two-story fireplace, designed to soar like a mountain cliff with its off centered ruggedness.  This almost 5,000 sq. ft. custom home has a constant flow of friends, family and business aquaintances. The kitchen's massive 10; x 5' granite island is the golden magnet around with conversation circles. 

Woodinville - Echo Falls Golf Course

Magnificent NorthWest Lodge Style Home